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Abba shampoos offer natural solutions that purify and cleanse. These products gently wash hair, leaving it manageable, healthy, and shiny. Abba product bottles and tubes are fully recyclable. Abba hair products are powered by earth-pure botanicals, and contain no animal ingredients. Abba hair care products are not tested on animals and are free of DEA and synthetic dyes.

Abba has reformulated with it's new  pro Quinoa complex (a Gluten Free wheat substitute) Abba products are still: 100% vegan, free of synthetic dyes, sulfate free and dea free !

Abba before pro Quinoa complex  had re-packaged and re-named their products. The names have been changed, the packaging has been changed, but the Abba product - inside the bottle - was NOT changed. You still get the same Abba product you know and trust. (As seen on the  HairMatters,us Best Shampoo for Men page.)

ABBA Shampoo

Original Name

New Name

Complete Shampoo
and Basic Shampoo
Pure Daily Shampoo
Creme Moist Shampoo Pure Color Protect Shampoo
Moisture Scentsation Shampoo Pure Moisture Shampoo
Molasses Purifier Shampoo Pure Detox Shampoo
Nourishing Shampoo Pure Gentle Shampoo
True Curls Shampoo Pure Curl Shampoo
True Shine Shampoo Pure Shine Shampoo
Volumizing Shampoo Pure Volume Shampoo


ABBA Pure Basic Shampoo

ABBA Complete ShampooABBA Complete Shampoo Was called Pure Basic Shampoo
and now is called Pure Daily Shampoo 

sorry no longer being made

ABBA Pure Daily Shampoo adds shine and revitalizes all types of hair. Pure Daily Shampoo can also be used as an all-over body wash. (also see Abba Compete shampoo 33.8)

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ABBA Pure Daily Shampoo

ABBA Pure Color Protect Shampoo abba color protect shampoo

ABBA Creme Moist ShampooABBA Creme Moist Shampoo is now Pure Color Protect Shampoo

ABBA Pure Color Protect Shampoo fills hair with strength, keeps color in place and adds the purest conditioning agents to keep raspy hair smooth. Step under the shower and breathe in the calming simple pleasure of cherry bark, sweet almond and berry. Pure Color Protect Shampoo is for chemically treated hair.

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ABBA Pure Moisture Shampooabba moisture shampoo

ABBA Moisture ScentsationABBA Moisture Scentsation is now Pure Moisture Shampoo

ABBA Pure Moisture Shampoo is for moisture starved hair, dry hair and dry scalp. Humectants lock in moisture, eliminating frizzy fly away hair while making your hair manageable and giving it a healthy shine.

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ABBA Pure Detox Shampooabba detox shampoo

ABBA Molasses Purifier ShampooABBA Molasses Purifier Shampoo is now Pure Detox Shampoo

ABBA Pure Detox Shampoo removes impurities, minerals and build-up from hard water, chlorine and styling product build-up.

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ABBA Pure Gentle Shampooabba gentle shampoo

ABBA Nourishing ShampooABBA Nourishing Shampoo is now Pure Gentle Shampoo

ABBA Pure Gentle Shampoo is a soothing herbal therapy blend featuring extracts of aloe and watercress. This shampoo is an ideal choice for sensitive skin and scalp. The gentle sulfate free formula ensures silky, shiny hair, whether your hair is natural or color treated.

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ABBA Pure Curls Shampoo

ABBA True Curls ShampooABBA True Curls Shampoo is now Pure Curl Shampoo

sorry no longer being made

ABBA Pure Curl Shampoo utilizes a cocktail of herbal extracts to restore manageability, build body and add bounce to curl or wavy hair. Pure Curls Shampoo is for naturally curly or permed hair.

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ABBA Pure Shine Shampoo

ABBA True Shine ShampooABBA True Shine Shampoo is now Pure Shine Shampoo

sorry no longer being made

ABBA Pure Shine Shampoo restores shine and luster to dull, coarse, unmanageable hair. Safe on color treated hair.

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ABBA Pure Volume Shampooabba volume shampoo

ABBA Volumizing ShampooABBA Volumizing Shampoo is now Pure Volume Shampoo

ABBA Pure Volume Shampoo is an energizing cleanser for fine, limp hair. Natural henna gives hair fullness and shine, while essence of grapefruit and citrus energize your senses. Pure Volume Shampoo actually increases the diameter of the hair shaft! Lift your hair to new heights with this extraordinary cationic cleansing system.

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