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ABBA's Unique Position

  • Pure and Natural
  • High Performance
  • 100% Vegan (no animal ingredients)
  • Herbaltherapy (botanicals as primary ingredients)
  • Tri-Molecular Protein System
  • Aromatherapy Fragrancing
  • Cruelty-Free (no animal testing)
  • For years, consumers have been requesting hair care products free of animal ingredients and animal testing. Until the introduction of ABBA Pure and Natural Hair Care, the only options available for these "concerned consumers" were found in health food stores and those few drug and grocery stores which saw the benefit of meeting this increasing consumer demand. Now the professional salon industry has the ability to supply clients with the finest 100% Vegan, pure and natural products.

    about... Herbaltherapy

    Herbaltherapy is the utilization of the whole plant or flower. At ABBA Products, we use botanicals as primary ingredients in our formulations. Herbaltherapy increases the product performance while it strengthens, moisturizes and restores the hair, ABBA's number one ingredient is herbaltherapy, producing a more concentrated, pure product. Each ABBA Product has its own unique blend of herbaltherapy botanical extracts designed to support the specific functions of that product.

    about... Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils to create a positive sense of well-being. Essential oils used in the fragrancing of ABBA Products are:

    • Sourced from Throughout the World
    • Derived from Renewable Resources
    • Harvested by Indigenous People

    Aromatherapy fragrance blends used in ABBA Products fall into the following categories:

      Calming:Fragrances designed to soothe or relieve stress

      Energizing:Fragrances designed to stimulate or invigorate

      Balancing:Fragrances designed to regulate extremes of emotion or mood

    about... Tri-Molecular Protein

    ABBA's unique Tri-Molecular Protein System has the ability to target and repair all three layers of the hair (cuticle, cortex and medulla), giving the hair exceptional tensile strength and elasticity without adding weight.

    Hydrolyzed Human Hair Keratin -  150 mw  - Targets and Repairs the innermost layers of the hair
    Hydrolyzed Soy                          - 1000 mw - Targets and repairs the cortical fibers of the hair
    Hydrolyzed Wheat                      - 2000 mw - Targets, Repairs &Protects the cuticle layers of the hair

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    ABBA Pure Shine Spray
    Pure Shine Spray
    (was called Mica) make hair shine, by ABBA Click To Order Abba
      Some, have overlooked a new type of hair product designed to add shine and luster to hair. We have listed Pure Shine Spray first to increase awareness.

  • Description:
      Lightweight, Water Soluble Hair Luminescent for Extraordinary Shine and Light Reflection.

  • Concept:
      Nature possesses it's own secret to shine - the mineral known as mica. Inspired by nature, ABBA created Mica,  a pure and natural, virtually weightless luminescent for the hair.

  • What it Does:
      Provides ultimate, mirror-like shine while it smoothes the hair's cuticle, controls frizziness and repels dirt and pollutants which can add weight to the hair.

  • How it Works:
      Through the natural reflective properties of mica crystal, Mica, creates a natural, mirror-like shine on all hair types and styles. Contains 100% Vegan wheat protein to condition and protect the hair.

    Pure Basic Shampoo (was Complete Shampoo) by ABBA Click To Order AbbaABBA Pure Basic Shampoo

  • Description:
      Natural, botanical, one-step shampoo for hair and body.

  • Concept:
      Created for the active individual and family, Basic Shampoo is designed to meet the needs of all hair types.

  • What it Does:
      Gently cleanses, nourishes and adds body to all hair types.

  • How it Works:
      Plant based cleansing ingredients (naturally derived from coconut) gently, yet thoroughly, cleanse the hair, leaving the hair shiny, healthy and manageable.

    Pure Basic Conditioner (was True Mint Conditioner) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Basic Conditioner
  • Description:
      Detangler and lite daily conditioner.

  • Concept:
      65% of the population has fine, limp hair and a preference for a rinse-out daily conditioner. ABBA created Pure Basic Conditioner - a unique, high performance, instant detangler and conditioner in one.

  • What it Does:
      Instantly detangles and lightly conditions the hair leaving it with a tremendous amount of volume and shine.

  • How it Works:
      Pure Basic Conditioner is specially milled to reduce particle size for faster and deeper penetration. Utilizes three unique, natural mint plants to create high performance, instant detangling and conditioning in one easy step. In seconds, Pure Basic is absorbed into the hair to lightly condition and detangle, while building body and adding shine.

    Pure Color Protect Shampoo (was Creme Moist Shampoo) by ABBA Click To Order AbbaABBA Pure Color Protect Shampoo

  • Description:
      Luxury shampoo - restores moisture and shine to chemically treated hair.

  • Concept:
      Designed to be the finest of Luxury Shampoos. A small indulgence for the hair, this beautifying, bodifying conditioner was created for hair requiring the gentlest of cleansers, while offering maximum nourishment to chemically treated, dry or fragile hair.

  • What it Does:
      Effectively cleanses the hair while restoring and maintaining vital moisture and elasticity. Eliminates dry, flaky skin and scalp.

  • How it Works:
      Plant based cleansing ingredients (naturally derived from coconut) gently cleanse the hair, without disturbing its natural balance, returning it to a shiny, healthy condition.

    Pure Detox Shampoo (was Molasses Purifier Shampoo) by ABBA Click To Order AbbaABBA Pure Detox Shampoo

  • Description:
      Hair detoxifier - removes build-up, minerals and chlorine.

  • Concept:
      Every day, hair comes in contact with minerals, environmental pollutants, medication and hair care products. Since many of these carry a positive (+) electronic charge, they can bond to the surface of the hair (which is negatively (-) charged and refuse to be rinsed away. Understanding nature's laws of attraction and how best to combat the challenges associated with build-up, ABBA created Pure Detox Shampoo, a revolutionary product designed to detoxify and deodorize the hair.

  • What it Does:
      Gently chelates the hair of metals, mineral deposits, environmental pollutants, medications and product build-up, while leaving the hair healthy, shiny and manageable. Prepares the hair for any chemical service (color, perm and conditioning).

  • How it Works:
      Utilizing natural ingredients (molasses and baking soda) along with three gentle chelators, Pure Detox Shampoo dissolves and encapsulates impurities attached to the hair shaft, enabling them to be rinsed from the hair.

    Pure Moisture Conditioner (was Moisture Scentsation Conditioner) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Moisture Conditioner
  • Description:
      Two minute cure for moisture starved hair.

  • Concept:
      Natural moisturizing treatment that returns moisture, strength and flexibility to dry or brittle hair, without adding weight or sacrificing manageability.

  • What it Does:
      Returns moisture, strength and flexibility to parched, limp hair without adding weight, leaving the hair light, smooth and manageable.

  • How it Works:
      Powerful humectants, energized botanicals and ABBA's exclusive Tri-Molecular Protein system penetrate and rebuild each layer of the hair while special moisturizing ingredients replenish and maintain the hairs vital moisture balance.

    Pure Gentle Conditioner (was Nourishing Conditioner) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Gentle Conditioner
  • Description:
      Botanical hair and skin leave-on / leave-in conditioner.

  • Concept:
      As styles were changing to less structure, ABBA discovered the need to develop a lightweight, leave-on conditioner. This product would also help to meet the consumer demand for multi-functional products. ABBA created Pure Gentle Conditioner, a high performance, lightweight, leave-on conditioner for the hair that is also an excellent moisturizer for the skin.

  • What it Does:
      Conditions the hair and moisturizes while adding a light, dry lubricity to the hair for shine and manageability. Sunscreens and antioxidants add protection to minimize color fade-age.

  • How it Works:
      Tri-molecular proteins, in combination with herbs, botanicals, aloe vera, vitamins and humectants, create a balance of nourishment and moisture for the hair and skin without added weight.

    Pure Recovery Conditioner (was Recoup Conditioner) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Recovery Conditioner
  • Description:
      Maximum reconstructor for strength, body and shine.

  • Concept:
      Based on the consumer demand for great hair and a fast acting reconstructor, ABBA developed Pure Recovery Conditioner. Utilizes ABBA's exclusive Tri-Molecular Protein System to create the ultimate reconstructor capable of leaving hair in optimum condition without adding weight or sacrificing manageability.

  • What it Does:
      Targets each layer of the hair to re-build damaged sites, while adding inner strength and outer shine.

  • How it Works:
      Utilizing ABBA's own Tri-Molecular Protein System, in combination with botanicals and herbs, each layer of the hair is penetrated to deeply reconstruct, strengthen and moisturize from the inside out.

    Pure Volume Gel (was Gel-Lotion) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Volume Gel
  • Description:
      Versatile, non-alcohol, styling liquid that creates volume and control.

  • Concept:
      Styling liquid combining the support and direction of a gel with the control, versatility and volume of a styling lotion.

  • What it Does:
      Offers total creative control with a versatile range of styling options in one concentrated pure product.

  • How it Works:
      Conditioning botanicals, herbs, vitamins, aloe vera extract and Tri-Molecular Proteins suspended in a cellulose (plant fiber) base that thickens and volumizes the hair.

    Pure Style Gel (was Gelsential) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Style Gel
  • Description:
      Mega hold and polish with Mica shine.

  • Concept:
      Unique, resin-free styling gel offering exceptional hold and support with extraordinary shine and Mica for amazing light reflection.

  • What it Does:
      Provides mega hold and shine in one high performance product.

  • How it Works:
      Conditioning botanicals, herbs, vitamins and Tri-Molecular Proteins act together to create a product that retains style memory, hold and volume without flaking. Mica crystals add incredible shine without weight.

    Pure Curl Finish (was Instant Recall) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Curl Finish
  • Description:
      Spray gel, curl activator and acidifier.

  • Concept:
      A spray gel, curl activator and hair acidifier all in one convenient product. Designed to meet the consumer demand for multi-functional products.

  • What it Does:
      Provides the styling support of a light hold spray gel while stabilizing the hair following chemical and thermal services. Enhances naturally curly and permed hair. Increases color longevity.

  • How it Works:
      Features a unique organic formulation, with a low 3.0 pH and magnesium sulfate, to tighten and promote curl activation, voluminous styling results and acidification for all hair types.

    Pure Thermal Protect (was Sets) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Thermal Protect
  • Description:
      Volumizing fluid for lasting support and thermal protection.

  • Concept:
      Organic volumizing fluid offering versatility of style and thermal protection. Thickens the hair while increasing the volume.

  • What it Does:
      Gives hair shine, body and lift while delivering long-lasting, manageable curls.

  • How it Works:
      Features a unique organic formulation, with a low 3.0 pH and magnesium sulfate, to promote curl activation, voluminous styling results and acidification for all hair types.

    Pure Styling Spray (was Exacting Hairspray) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Styling Spray
  • Description:
      Brush-able, medium-hold working spray for shine, texture and volume.

  • Concept:
      Multi-functional, fast drying, one-step botanical hair spray offering the benefits of a working, finishing and setting spray.

  • What it Does:
      Gives hair shine, body and lift while delivering long-lasting, manageable furls.

  • How it Works:
      A unique resin with botanicals, herbs and ABBA's Tri-Molecular Protein System creates perfect hold, conditioning and protection for all hair types.

    Pure Finish Spray (was ZeroScent Hair Spray) by ABBA Click To Order Abba ABBA Pure Finish Spray
  • Description:
      Firm hold, humidity resistant, fragrance-free spray.

  • Concept:
      ABBA created Pure Finish Spray for the consumer who demands a high performance, fragrance-free spray with remarkable hold and style longevity. This humidity resistant, non-flaking formula with conditioning botanicals gives a firm, long lasting hold with antioxidant and sunscreen protection. You can brush through the hair and re-style without losing the bounce or sheen.

  • What it Does:
      Provides long lasting hold and conditioning botanicals for excellent shine, texture flexibility and humidity resistance in a fragrance-free formulation.

  • How it Works:
      By combining multi-lenth resins and then neutralizing them with Flaxseed and other synergistic botanicals, ABBA has created a unique, humidity resistant spray offering maximum performance and style longevity.

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