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Framesi Biogenol was established in 1945 in Milan, Italy and is the leading manufacturer of hair-color sold in Italy. Framesi Biogenol Hair Products are distributed in the United States while Framesi Color is distributed in over 60 countries worldwide. Operated by professionals, for professionals, Framesi is not a retail conglomerate. Clients and Hairstylists using Framesi Biogenol have discovered beautiful color that leaves hair feeling naturally soft and beautifully manageable.

For almost fifty years, one company has defined to the world the art of premium professional hair-color, Framesi Biogenol of Milan, Italy. Known the world-over as the maker of the world's most luxurious, deep-conditioning imported cream color, Framesi now brings you the Biogenol Hair Color Care System, the industry's most complete care and styling system for color clients.

Colored HairThe professional line of Biogenol products were designed specifically for colored and chemically treated hair. The Biogenol Hair  Color Care System is the industry's most complete care and styling system for color-treated hair, only from Framesi. Biogenol Hair Shampoos, Biogenol Hair Conditioners and Biogenol styling products are formulated with special ingredients to enhance, and not diminish, the beauty of hair-color while maintaining the highest professional performance levels. Ultraviolet light, chlorine, and chemicals in the environment can cause even the finest hair-color to fade off tone. Biogenol fights this environmental damage because only Biogenol products contain BCP, the unique enzyme that captures and neutralizes the excess oxygen that causes hair color fading.

Biogenol hair products are not tested on animals.

Biogenol hair products use recyclable packaging materials.

Biogenol hair products are created from GLYCERIN-FREE formulas. The Biogenol Color Care System does not contain glycerin, or any other ingredient that may cause hair-color to strip.

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Red CoralPhycoccorail

Framesi, the worldwide leader in premium hair color, has had a legacy of sourcing hair solutions from nature. They turned to the sea to enhance the effectiveness of the Biogenol Color Care System. There, in the sea, in the Brehat Archipelago, fifteen fathoms beneath the surface, where azure waters are illuminated by the intense rays of the sun, you will find a beautiful rose-colored seaweed called Phycoccorail.

At this precise depth, the sun's strength is magnified, causing the water to heat up. Most marine life will perish when subjected to such extremes in temperature. But not Phycoccorail. It's unique structure responds to thermal stress by creating a bioceramic coral shield to protect itself from dramatic changes in temperature.

By harnessing the power of Phycoccoril's "coral shield," Biogenol goes one revolutionary step further in home color care. Now, it will shield your hair from the harmful effects of thermal heat from hairdryers, curling irons and the everyday heat from the sun. This is critical because it is the heat that damages the hair shaft, rendering it incapable of holding color.

These enhanced Biogenol formulas, first introduced in 1999, work with any brand of hair color, bringing dramatically improved protection by harnessing the power of Phycocorail's "coral shield."  The "coral shield" in Biogenol responds to heat just like it does in nature, preserving and protecting hair color. So hair stays more vibrant and more beautiful ... the longest lasting hair color on earth.

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