How to do it Styling Tips

How to do it Styling Tips

How to do it Styling TipsHow to do it Styling Tips | Hair Care Produts

How to do it Styling Tips:
How to do it Styling Tips for fine or thin or fine & thin hair.

You should know dealing with fine or thin hair require a good cut, with the right length of hair (usually shorter to help you get more volume),  hair color (to fool the eye & help enhanced the illusion of depth),  help for your hair in the form of volume adding shampoo, conditioners & styling aids (for added support), the right styling tools.

Here are some  "how to do it"  with your own hands styling tips.

Think of all this as if it were make-up for your hair ... to all promoting volume, shine and movement. In short you need to know how to give fine hair the illusion that it is thick hair. Use volumizing hair shampoo, conditioners that is specifically designed for fine hair. You may not need to do it all , so pick & choose to get the right balance for your hair, just as you do with your make-up and skin care.

Tip #1  Go AGAINST hair growth patterns to make your hair stand up. Hair is stubborn and here is where you can turn the unwanted growth pattern into needed lift. Don't miss this opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade.

Tip #2 When selecting hair products for fine hair look for those products that both add volume and reduce the weight of your hair by removing the minerals deposited form your water. Put your hair on a stead y diet of "mineral removing products". They will  leave your hair feeling lighter - because it is lighter when it is not being weighed down with all those extra minerals from your water.   (see EC Mode Making Water Well Kit -- EC Mode Malibu Make Over-- EC Mode hard water demineralizer -- EC Mode Hair Thickening Kit -- Lanza Volume Formula )

Tip #3  Don't be fooled by chlorine! Chlorine & other swimming pool maintenance products accumulate in your hair and can eat it alive. If you are thinking I'll leave the chlorine in my hair to get volume - you are right but you are trading more volume now at the expense of  allowing  the swimming pool products to destroy your hair.

to lock-out chlorine use

to get-out chlorine use

to add thickness to your hair

Sabino Moisture Block

 EC Mode Swimmers' Wellness Kit
 EC Mode Malibu Make Over
 EC Mode After swim solution
EC Mode Hair Thickening Kit 
Lanza Volume Formula or
Colure Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Tip #4 - Treat the ROOT area: Making your hair look like more hair may be as simple as treating the root area to get more lift. The whole idea here is to get the styling products on the root and NOT on the ends of the hair. This gives lift & leaves the ends free to move around "looking natural"  when your styling is finished.  There are several ways to do this:

  • Hair Powders: like Dust It (from OSIS) and Powder UP (from Lanza) are one of the newest things on the market. Great to give you more volume on the first day they even better to add volume on the second day.  You sprinkle the powder on the root area of your hair as if you were salting your fries at lunch --- except we suggest you hold the ends and only "powder-salt" the root area, and then only lightly  The light powder dissolves and add body to the base giving you the appearance of more hair because of the instant volume. The hair powder products do leave your hair with a bit of a different feeling to you fingers. the small, easy to carry size, make it convenient to keep handy in your purse so you can have an instant volume makeover almost anywhere. You can use  the "Gel-on-the-Roots" trick below, at home and the powder-up when you are not at home.)
  • Root Lift Type mousse: a moose that sprays on in a small stream then foams up on the head (root area only) usually applied while hair is still wet, before blow drying ( see Lanza Root Effects ) .
  • On finished styles (dry hair) you can often hold (to cover) the ends of the hair --- with you spray the root area only resulting in more lift. this is done in sections to get the lift where it is needed then to blend.
  • Gel-on-the-Roots: To finished hair you can put some gel in the palm of one hand and the pick it up on the bottom of the fingers of the other hand (being careful not to get it on the sides of your fingers) the holding the dry hair with the first hand apply the gel to the root area one section at a time, rubbing in small circles on the scalp. As  the  fingers come away from the scalp close them together to pull or lift the hair straight away from the scalp creating volume.

Tip #5  Use a flat iron to give you root lift. First dry your hair with your blow dryer. Now section your hair, spray a protect and hold product on the hair ( see Lanza Reflex & Moisture Block) then starting at the root clamp and slide up - but only 1/2 inch repeat heating 3 quick times, on the third time slide the flat iron to the ends turning to bend as desired. Reinforcing the root this way creates volume, while providing the desired look you want on the ends.

Tip #6  If your hair is getting that worn out look - try  Moisture Block  for protection & frizz control, --- or Framesi  Options Way  Smooth  or Marc Daniels  Fight the Frizz.


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How to do it Styling Tips
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