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Healing is the foundation for Beautiful Hair

What makes Lanza Hair Products so remarkable? - Lanza Hair Products are the only hair care products produced and designed to heal your hair. That's right Lanza USA is the only hair care company producing products that heal your hair. Healthy hair is vital not only to achieve your desired look, it's also a reflection of your overall beauty and well being. Lanza Hair Products are designed for increased demands placed on your hair by  chemically hair processes, increased heat from thermal styling tools, and your every day environmental aggressors. From Lanza Anti Ageing to Lanza Zero Weight Gel, Lanza has your hair healing answers from A to Z. Find your Lanza Hair Products right here.

Lanza Healing Strength Formula

Ageing Hair is NOT age related!
Unlike skin, biological age does not determine the age of hair. Hair's true age is determined by it's length and exposure to Age-Accelerators like chemical processing, heat and harsh environmental elements.

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Lanza Healing Strength Formula
lanza healing strength
Ageing Hair is NOT age related!
Unlike skin, biological age does not determine the age of hair. Hair's true age is determined by it's length and exposure to Age-Accelerators like chemical processing, heat and harsh environmental elements.

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Lanza Healing Strength*

Lanza Healing Moisture Formula
lanza healing moisture

Seals-in moisture, allowing hair to stay hydrated up to 2-times longer
Color-Preservers: Haircolor Lasts Longer
UVA / UVB / UVC Protection: Prevents Sun & UV Damage

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*Lanza Healing Moisture*

Lanza Art Elements Styling Aids
lanza art elements

Create and maintain hair styles that are fashionable and diverse with this fantastic product line.

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*Lanza Art Elements*

Lanza Healing Color Care Formula
lanza color care

Lanza Healing ColorCare is the only color care line to heal the hair, a crucial benefit for maintaining hair color.

Independent lab tests prove L'ANZA's Healing ColorCare system extends haircolor up to 107% longer over leading professional brands.

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Lanza Healing Color Care*

Lanza Hair Repair Formula
lanza hair repair

All Hair Repair Formula products are ideal for maintaining strength or building strength in weakened hair, resulting from overexposure to the elements, chemical damage, and thermal damage.

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*Lanza Hair Repair*

Lanza Dry Hair Formula
lanza dry hair
Restores vital moisture & elasticity to dry hair.
Cleanses with tonic herbals to soothe & calm the hair.
Adds natural body & softness without extra weight

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Lanza Dry Hair*

Lanza Ultimate Treatment
lanza ultimate treatment

Lanza’s Ultimate Treatment is a 5-step reconstructive service That quickly strengthens and fortifies the hair.. providing inner strength and outer beauty to all hair types.

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Lanza Ultimate Treatment*


Ultimate Treatment New now in 3 Steps

Chelating Shampoo:
This Extra-gentle color-safe formula is sulfate-free & contains natural Gugo Bark to create rich, abundant lather, It quickly removes metallic build-up, hard water minerals, chlorine * other impurities. It place of synthetic EDTA shampoo uses only natural Phytic Acid derived from rice .. making it extremely effective, yet mild &  safe for color-treated hair.
Deep Treatment:
This nutrient infuser restores essential proteins, moisture essential proteins, moisture & minerals to the hair. It's designed to be combined with Step 2a Power Boosters to crate a high-tech delivery system that transports healing actives deep into the hair's cortex..
Power Booster Additives:
These potent Power Boosters allow you to customize your treatment based upon your hair  type and condition. They can be used individually  or combined depending on the specific needs your hair.
Strength Power Booster:
For weak, fragile hair. Contains potent doses of proteins & amino acids to boost strength & reduce hair breakage
Moisture Power Booster:
For dry, rough depleted hair. Infuses abundant humectants, emollients, lipids & essential fatty acids to improve softness & shine.
Volume Power Booster:
For fine, thin hair. Provides the necessary vitamins & essential minerals t thicken each hair strand & build noticeable body & volume.
Power Protector:
This final step effectively
  •  locks-in nutrients,
  •  rebalances the pH level
  •  protects from damaging elements including heat, chemicals, friction, pollution, UVA, UVB & UVC rays.

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Lanza Ultimate Treatment*


Lanza Straight-line Formula
lanza straight line

Control waves, tame frizz and smooth curls with this line of temporary curl-relaxing formulas. These products are humidity resistant and protect hair from heat during thermal styling leaving your hair looking vibrant and healthy.

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*Lanza Straight-Line*

Lanza Urban Elements Styling Formula
lanza urban elements styling

Keratin Bond System® with an advanced nutritional complex of natural vitamins and botanicals keeps hair strong and vital during the styling process. Potent botanicals in the formula are added for shine and added body.

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*Lanza Urban Elements Styling*

Lanza Urban Elements Formula
lanza urban elements formula

Urban elements shampoos, conditioners, and styling products provide maximum performance and protection for your urban lifestyle. Each product contains a unique and specialized organic formulation that combines the benefits of Lanza's Keratin Bond System with those found only in luxury skin care products.

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*Lanza Urban Elements*

Lanza Volume Formula
lanza volume formula

Volume Formula is an antioxidant-enriched system that helps slow down the aging process - the loss of fullness, thickness & shine that commonly occurs as we age. Antioxidants aid in the prevention of cell damage, thereby improving scalp and hair condition - building volume from the roots to the ends.

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*Lanza Volume*

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