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Healing is the foundation for
Beautiful Hair

What makes Lanza Hair Products so remarkable? - Lanza HairCare Products are the only haircare products produced to heal the hair. That's right Lanza USA is the only haircare company producing products that heal the hair. Healthy hair is vital not only to achieve your desired look, it's also a reflection of your overall beauty and well being. Lanza Hair Care products are designed for increased chemically hair processes, increased thermal styling demands, and to fight every day environmental aggressors. From Lanza Anti Ageing to Lanza Zero Weight Gel, Lanza has your healed from A to Z. Find your Lanza Discount haircare right here.

Lanza Shampoo
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Lanza Stimulating Shampoo

Lanza Healing Nourish  Stimulating Shampoo     

  8oz   Healing Nourish Stimulating Shampoo  --- Sorry All Gone
33oz  Healing Nourish Stimulating Shampoo  $52.20   58.00

  see the Lanza Stimulating Try Me Kits good while supply lasts

   The First "Anti-Thinning" Hair Care Formula
                    ...................  Developed Specifically for women!   

New! Healing Smooth Formula

Lanza Healing Smooth Shampoo Lanza Healing Smooth Shampoo

Lanza Healing Smooth Shampoo is a rich-lathering, sulfate-free formula that gently and effectively calms curls and waves. Instantly transforms rough, coarse and unruly hair into soft, smooth and shiny hair. Coix Seed extract relaxes the hair fiber while Mangosteen Fruit adds a lustrous sheen. Keratin Healing System heals, seals and protects, blocking humidity and frizz. Hair glows with radiant health.

      2oz   Healing Smooth Shampoo    $8.00   10.00   Travel Size
    10oz   Healing Smooth Shampoo  $20.00   22.00
 33.8oz   Healing Smooth Shampoo  $50.00   54.00

Lanza Healing Volume Shampoo

Lanza Healing Volume Shampoo
Lanza Healing Volume Shampoo adds body and fullness while preserving hair color. Healing Volume Shampoo is sulfate free.

      2oz   Healing Volume Shampoo    $0.00     sorry 2oz no longer available
10.1oz   Healing Volume Shampoo  $20.00   22.00
  33.8oz   Healing Volume Shampoo  $50.00   54.00

Lanza Healing Strength  White Tea Shampoo    White Tea Shampoo -Lanza Anti-Aging

  • Cystine Peptide Complex = CP

  • White Tea

  • Soap Bark

  • Vitamin C

  • Hylauranic Acid

  • Ceramide-2

  • UVA/UVB & UVC Protectors

  • Anti-Ozone Pollution Guards

  8oz   Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo  $19.80   22.00
33oz  Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo  $46.80   52.00

White Tea Shampoo works best with  Lanza Manuka Honey Conditioner

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Lanza Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo    Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo by Lanza

  • Tahitian Tamanu Oil & Polynesian Botanicals: Deliver moisture deep into the hair’s hydrated zones
  • Keratin Healing System™: Seals-in moisture, allowing hair to stay hydrated up to 2-times longer
  • Color-Preservers: Haircolor Lasts Longer
  • Natural Gugo Extract: Products abundant lather while it delicately removes impurities

      Apply to damp hair, lather, & rinse.

  8oz Lanza Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo $18.88 22.23
33oz Lanza Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo $49.76 54.95

Tamanu Cream Shampoo works best with  Lanza Kukui Nut Conditioner

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Lanza Color Care Preserving Shampoo

Lanza Color Care Preserving Shampoo
  • Unsurpassed color retention

  • Extra mild, sulfate-free formula

  • Gentle on hair

  • Silky shine

  • Full spectrum color protection

  • Triple UV protectors

10.1oz Color Care Shampoo  $19.00  21.00
33oz    Color Care  Shampoo $39.60  44.00

Preserving Shampoo works best with  Lanza Preserving Conditioner

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Protein Plus Shampoo by Lanza

Lanza Hair Repair Protein Plus Shampoo Protein Plus Shampoo by Lanza

A creamy coconut-based cleanser that carries nutrients and proteins deep into the hair shaft. Lather in repair and strength to replace and balance the vital protein and moisture ratio in damaged, overstressed hair. Added absorbable protein means stronger hair, more manageable hair and hair that shines from within. Formulated for all types of hair needing extra strength.

10.1oz   Lanza Hair Repair Protein Plus Shampoo  $9.75  11.00
33.8oz   Lanza Hair Repair Protein Plus Shampoo  $28.00
128 oz   Lanza Hair Repair Protein Plus Shampoo  sorry all gone

Protein Plus Shampoo works best with  Lanza Reconstructor or Lanza Leave-In Protector

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Lanza KB2 Moisture Shampoo Lanza KB2 Moisture Shampoo
 was called Moisturizing Shampoo

A moisture-rich cleanser with tonic herbals to soothe & calm the hair.

   10.1oz    Lanza KB2 Moisture Shampoo  $10.80  12.00
   33.8oz    Lanza KB2 Moisture Shampoo  $24.30  27.00

KB2 Moisture Shampoo works best with  Lanza KB2 Detangler or Lanza Moisture Treatment

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Lanza Ultimate Treatment Purifying Shampoo

Daily Clarifying shampoo by LanzaLanza Ultimate Treatment Step 1: Purifying Shampoo

A deposit remover, clarifier, and chelator in a shampoo base...removes chlorine, trace minerals and cosmetic coatings (Replaced with  Daily Clarifying Shampoo)

33.8oz  Lanza  Purifying Shampoo 
128oz   Lanza Shampoo Plus KB2 sorry All Gone  replaced with Chelating Shampoo


Purifying Shampoo works best with  Lanza Keratin Booster or Lanza Reconstructor or Lanza Chemical Balancer or Lanza Leave-In Protector

Lanza Smoothing Shampoo
Lanza Straight-Line Smoothing Shampoo
was called Curl Relaxing Shampoo

A moisture-rich shampoo that cleanses, helps smooth curly hair & helps control frizz.

10.1oz  Lanza Smoothing Shampoo   $10.80
(see Healing Smooth Shampoo)

Smoothing Shampoo works best with  Lanza Smooth Conditioner or Lanza Smoother Balm

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Remedy Shampoo,  Urban Elements by Lanza Remedy shampoo by LanzaLanza Urban Elements Remedy Shampoo
now called Healing Remedy

A creamy, soothing shampoo to replenish lost moisture, heal dry scalp, and restore natural balance to problem scalp and dehydrated hair. A powerful mix of highly hydrating plant extracts, vitamins, and special ingredients with anti-bacterial and disinfectant qualities, to provide healing, antiseptic and moisture-retention properties for scalp and hair. Mild enough for children. Helps heal cradle cap. Formulated for anyone with dry hair and scalp, or special scalp problems.

10.1oz    now  called Lanza Healing Remedy Shampoo --- Sorry All Gone
33.8oz    now called Lanza Healing Remedy Shampoo --- Sorry All Gone

Tamanu Cream Shampoo works best with  Lanza Mint Revitalizer

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Shampoo Plus,  Urban Elements by Lanza Shampoo Plus by LanzaLanza Urban Elements Shampoo Plus KB2

is A refreshing multi-use shampoo for all hair types. An eclectic blend of proteins and moisturizers to impart light conditioning, while increasing comb-ability and shine. Formulated for everyone, for everyday use.

10.1oz    Lanza Shampoo Plus KB2 $12.60  14.00
33.8oz    Lanza Shampoo Plus KB2 $30.00  33.00

Shampoo Plus KB2 works best with  Lanza Nourishing Conditioner

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Deep Cleansing Shampoo,  Urban Elements by Lanza Daily Clarifying shampoo by LanzaLanza Urban Elements Daily Clarifying Shampoo
was called Deep Cleansing Shampoo

A multi-action shampoo formulated to gently cleanse as it normalizes oil secretions and brings a natural balance to oily scalp and hair. Refines hair texture and shine by removing build-up from coating styling products. Formulated for anyone with oily hair and scalp.
(Yes this shampoo has an Orange color)

10.1oz   Lanza Daily Clarifying Shampoo  $12.60  
33.8oz   Lanza Daily Clarifying Shampoo  $27.00  

Daily Clarifying Shampoo works best with  Lanza Leave-In Conditioner

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Lanza Volume Bodifying Shampoo
Lanza Volume Body Building Shampoo

All natural herb based antioxidant-enriched shampoo that helps protect the growth of healthy hair.

sorry no longer available see  Healing Volume shampoo

Changed to Lanza Healing Volume Shampoo

Bodifying Shampoo works best with  Lanza Weightless Rinse

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